7 Ridiculously Expensive and Useless Things Celebrities Purchased

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Celebrities earn a lot of money and they have something that we fantasize about doing one day. But after saving money on luxurious lives, they turn to super costly purchases. Many celebrities have bought some insane things because they want to boast about their money. Let’s take a peek at 7 ridiculously costly purchases of celebrities.

Miley Cyrus: Hair Extensions

With a net worth of $160 million, paying $24,000 on hair extensions doesn’t seem much, right? When Miley was 17, she used to wear her hair extensions endlessly. Her fans know she has invested a great deal of money on extensions. Her top-quality faux locks of $24,000 were flown from Italy. Experts dyed extensions to make sure their hair matched.

Justin Bieber: Custom-Made Gold Grillz

While purchasing Grillz (a cosmetic teeth accessory) is not unusual in the Hollywood world, it is something that is not very popular yet. But Justin Bieber went to buy a gold grill to spend $5,000 for a Halloween outfit. Bieber employed Ben Baller from the Jewelry Company If & Co to make the blingy item. And actually, when he was still a kid, it happened in 2013. If you ever questioned why child stars waste so much money, they buy stuff like that.

Daniel Radcliffe: A Mattress

Daniel Radcliffe’s actual worth is nearly $110 million and he does not seem to want to sacrifice his sleep. The Harry Potter star wasted $17,000 on something that most people would find needless. A mattress is certainly an important household commodity, but investing so much money, don’t you think, is rather excessive. Nevertheless, the star is wealthy and has no second thought of buying a super-soft mattress to sleep and relax.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Gold-Plated Toilets

There is nothing wrong with Kim Kardashian’s total wealth of $350 million and Kayne West’s $1.3 billion in bathroom theme. So the two agreed to get $750,000 gold toilets after purchasing their mansion in Bel Air. After all, in their mansion, they deserved the best. There are reports that the pair have planned to double the expense of the house to decorate the high-class interior. That’s why they’ve spent nearly $1 million on their toilet.

Kesha: Glitter

Kesha made a lot of followers worldwide. She used to waste thousands of dollars on glitter a month, according to the pop star. Since a tiny glitter vial costs $1, it looks like she used a lot of glitters. But it seems that she invested most of it in her live show where after being shot from cannons, she had glittered around her body. She said that in an interview in 2011, and we are pretty sure that somewhere in her house she still has remains of that shimmer.

Victoria Beckham: A 24K Gold-Plated Cell Phone

iPhone 4 was, without a question, one of the hottest things on the market in 2011. That’s why Post Spice had a gold-plated 24k handset that was very posh. Custom designer Stuart Hughes produced a phone with 150 grams of 24k gold. For that scenario, Victoria charged $33,000. We can imagine the mobile will be heavy to carry as she has now ditched the phone.

Bono: A Plane Ticket For His Hat

You’re going to be like “wait what?” when you heard that Bono spent so much on his hat’s ticket, after reading . It was in 2003 and Bono performed in Italy and found out that he left his trademark hat in London. He took a much better option rather than buying a new hat or using any courier service to get his hat back. He flew his hat on a seat of the first class. He paid more than $1,500 just to get his hat before the gig.

7 Ridiculously Expensive and Useless Things Celebrities Purchased

It’s no secret that celebrities have a ton of money to spend on all kinds of things. But what some of them choose to blow their cash on is downright ridiculous. From pet tigers to diamond-encrusted iPods, some celebrities spent millions of dollars on totally useless things that are just sitting in their closets collecting dust. Here are 7 of the most ridiculously expensive (and useless) things celebrities have purchased.

1. Justin Bieber’s Gold-Plated Segway

Justin Bieber is known for his love of flashy luxury items, and he proved it when he purchased a gold-plated Segway. This useless purchase cost the teen singer a whopping $25,000.

2. Kim Kardashian’s $4 Million “Painting”

Kim Kardashian is nothing if not a tad showy when it comes to her spending habits. So, it comes as no surprise that she shelled out an obscene $4 million for an extreme canvas “painting” from artist (and possible collaborator) Jeff Koons.

3. Paris Hilton’s Pet Tiger

Paris Hilton shocked the world when it was revealed she once owned a pet tiger. The animal apparently cost her over $200,000 and you have to wonder was it worth the hefty price tag?

4. Drake’s Diamond-Encrusted iPod

Rap superstar Drake opted to spend his money in a very unusual way. He spent $2.5 million on a diamond-encrusted iPod. That’s right, an iPod – arguably one of the least-desirable and obsolete luxury items out there.

5. Neo’s $270,000 Speakers

Rapper Neo dropped a whopping $270,000 on some seriously decked out speakers. The DJs set are made of pure gold and were made for the Audio Tronix company.

6. Kanye West’s Private Jet

Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West splurged and bought a sweet Boeing 747 for a reported $73 million dollars. What does he plan to do with it? Nothing, as it turns out. The jet has never been used and remains in its hangar collecting dust.

7. Floyd Mayweather’s Shark Tank

Boxer Floyd Mayweather spent $2 million on a shark tank. The tank was installed at the Mayweather boxing gym and according to the boxer, he simply wanted to do something exciting for gym members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about 7 Ridiculously Expensive and Useless Things Celebrities Purchased

Q1: How much did Justin Bieber spend on his gold-plated Segway?

A1: Justin Bieber spent a whopping $25,000 on his gold-plated Segway.

Q2: How much did Kim Kardashian spend on her “painting”?

A2: Kim Kardashian spent an obscene $4 million on her “painting” from artist Jeff Koons.

Q3: How much did Drake spend for his diamond-encrusted iPod?

A3: Drake spent $2.5 million on a diamond-encrusted iPod.

Q4: How much did Floyd Mayweather spend on his shark tank?

A4: Floyd Mayweather spent $2 million on his shark tank.


Celebrities often splurge on luxury items, but some go to extremes and purchase totally ridiculous items. From Justin Bieber’s gold-plated Segway to Kim Kardashian’s $4 million “painting”, these items cost celebrities millions of dollars and are completely useless. Dregs such as Drake’s diamond-encrusted iPod, Paris Hilton’s pet tiger, Neo’s $270,000 speakers, Kanye West’s private jet, and Floyd Mayweather’s shark tank make up the list of 7 of the most outrageous and expensive purchases by celebrities.