Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them

Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them: It’s likely that you’re more used to making purchases via Google Play. But what if I told you that you could make this go the other way around? There are a number of programs available where one can sign up and begin earning money for carrying out basic activities such as working out, watching television, or downloading applications.

Here are our top seven recommendations for Android applications that can help you make fast money right now.



Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them

Through the use of this application, you will have the opportunity to carry out a variety of jobs and, as a result, earn Bitcoins. The following are some of the responsibilities:

Observing advertisements

Carrying out several surveys

Taking part in various games

Installing applications and others.

As a reward for completing the tasks, you will earn Satoshi, which is a fraction of a Bitcoin. You will then be able to change these Satoshi into whatever money you like with the help of the following websites:



WazirX (for the users from India)




Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them - Swagbucks

Swagbucks functions in a manner similar to that of the earlier software that we covered in that it gives you the opportunity to carry out certain tasks in exchange for monetary compensation. You may join up with Swagbucks either on their website or via their app, which is called “SB Answer – Paid Surveys.”

Several examples of these responsibilities are shown below:

Taking part in various games

Filling out questionnaires and forms

In response to several queries

Viewing videos

Polling participation


As compensation for your efforts, you will earn a special metric denoted by the letter “SB.” They may be exchanged for gift cards with values ranging from $3 to $25 that can be used at retailers like Amazon, Target, PayPal, Walmart, and Starbucks.



Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them

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Playment is a top-tier Android app that has the potential to win over Indian users. You’ll need a Facebook account in order to get started with this game. Once you’ve signed up for the program, you’ll have access to a wide variety of opportunities to participate in and earn money for. In addition, it is strongly suggested that you verify your phone number, as doing so will allow you to gain more points in comparison to other users. Upon successful completion of the registration process, you will promptly get your first point total.



Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them

MooCash is a software that gives you the ability to make money using your mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, by just advertising various things on their screen locker. Customers are compensated for unlocking their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) and claiming an offer via the screen locker, which is absolutely free to use.

Users of MooCash are rewarded with one-of-a-kind coins for completing various offers. These coins may later be exchanged for cash using either the Google Reward Card or PayPal. Customers who want to take advantage of an offer are required to either watch an advertising or download an application.


Google Opinion Rewards


Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them

Due to the fact that Google is the exclusive proprietor of the Android operating system and is the developer of this app, the Google Opinion Rewards app is exclusive to smartphones that are powered by Android.

Following the successful installation of the application, you will be sent between twenty and thirty surveys every week to complete. Your role is to provide feedback in the form of assessments and comments on a variety of products. For each survey, respondents may earn anything from 0.1 cents to $2 in the form of reward points. The good news is that this service is provided by Google, which means you won’t have to worry about your accounts being compromised, as is sometimes the case with third-party apps. The bad news is that this service is provided by Google, which means that you won’t be able to access your Google Drive files.

Keep in mind that in exchange for your hard work, rather than receiving cash, you will get reward points that can be used on Google Play. The points may be redeemed for things like music, books, and apps from the Google Play store.




Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them


It’s likely that you already knew this from our list, but just in case, we’ll restate it: all you need to make money in today’s world is a phone. Another example is the mobile application known as Scoopshot. Users of the app will get monetary compensation for taking photographs of local events that take place in their communities. At some point in the future, journalists or bloggers will utilize your images on a far greater scale.

It might seem that this is a good idea, but the catch is that you need to be ready to perform the duties of a journalist at almost any moment since you never know when something interesting may occur to you.




Android Apps That Will Pay You For Using Them


If someone had paid you to exercise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle would have been a lot simpler, wouldn’t you agree? What a pity that cannot be done given the circumstances. Is that what you mean?

We are excited to tell you about Pact, a remarkable tool for tracking your workouts. It is downloadable for use on both Android and iOS devices. The way it works is that you establish health-related objectives for yourself based on your skills, and if you are successful in reaching those goals, you are rewarded monetarily. If, despite your best efforts, you are unable to achieve your objective, you will lose some money that will be redistributed to people who are more successful.

Download Pact and put your self-control to the test if you are certain that you can maintain the level of fitness you have set for yourself.