Best Investment Apps for Novices in 2023

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Congratulations on becoming a new investor! Deciding to begin accumulating money through the stock market is one of the wisest things you can do for your future. However, for novices, investing might appear to be a daunting endeavor. In addition, hundreds of applications allow consumers to invest in the stock market. How can you know which is best for you? We’ll look at the top investment apps for beginners in this post.

1. Fidelity

Best Investment Apps for Novices in 2023

Fidelity is an investor financial service that provides easy investment options, financial planning tools, trading market news, and much more.

Accounts that are self-directed and professionally managedFinancial planning instrumentsSpecialist advice to help you choose the best investmentPlanning your digital estateThere is no minimum balance.There is no commission on deals.The most recent professional insightsOnly for US citizensBroker-assisted trading is relatively expensive.

2. Acorns

Best Investment Apps for Novices in 2023

Acorns is an excellent investment software for newcomers. This tool is very handy if you want to increase your savings and invest without having to worry about it. The program connects to your credit or debit card and automatically rounds up transactions to contribute dollars to an investing account. Acorns allow you to invest in ETFs as well as a few fractional stock units. Users can add extra accounts at a premium charge in three tiers (lite, personal, and family). Other important aspects of the app include:

There are no investment minimums.Five sorts of portfoliosOption for automatic rebalancing of family spending account 24-hour customer service through phone or live chatDepending on the account type, the monthly fee ranges from $1 to $5.

3. Stash

Best Investment Apps for Novices in 2023

Stash is one of the top applications for those who want to improve their knowledge of investing. The app combines instructional information with games to make financial concepts easier to grasp. Users may set objectives based on their interests and actively follow their progress. Stash allows you to interact with value-based investment offers and makes portfolio recommendations. Stash is also well-known for

Minimum investment of $5Monthly fees ranging from $1 to $9Option to invest in stocks and ETFs for educational purposesThere are no inactivity fines.Tools for visualizing investment choices

4. Robinhood

Best Investment Apps for Novices in 2023

Robinhood sprang to prominence as one of the first applications to allow stock trading without fees or charges, making beginning a stock portfolio much more appealing to first-time investors. Several applications now provide this service, but Robinhood stands out for a key reason. To begin, the software allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without paying any fees. Robinhood offers no minimum account balance requirement and no inactivity fees. Its user-friendly layout also distinguishes it from other web-based trading platforms. There are a few negatives to consider, such as the fact that Robinhood does not link with retirement accounts and has minimal customer service. However, Robinhood remains one of the top stock market applications because of its user-friendly layout and lack of fees.

5. E-Trade

Best Investment Apps for Novices in 2023

E-Trade may be a fantastic alternative for both beginner and experienced traders. Free instructional materials assist newcomers and provide industry insights. Other useful characteristics can be quite beneficial to both. Highlights include:

Insights into the marketRetirement preparationAutomated investing and broker-assisted transactionsNo fees for trading in mutual fundsBegin with pre-made portfolios.No commission on trades Investing for Beginners GuidePortfolios of top mutual funds and ETFs that have been pre-builtEducational materialsThere are over 4500 mutual funds with no transaction fees.

Best Investment Apps for Novices in 2023

As the economy of the world continues to open up and become more user friendly to investors across all levels, it’s no wonder that the number of investment apps is also increasing. If you’re a novice investor – someone who is just starting out – then you are probably wondering which is the best investment app for you in 2023.

The good news is that there are plenty of options available. The best investment apps for novices in 2023 come in all shapes, sizes and features, making it easy to choose the one that’s best for you. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the best Investment Apps for Novices in 2023.


AccuFinance is a budgeting and investing app specifically tailored to beginner investors. The app provides users with a comprehensive overview of their current financial position, allowing them to create customized budgets and track progress. AccuFinance also offers targeted advice for rookies. The app is free to download, offers daily news updates and also allows for sharing of investment strategies.

Motif Investing

Motif Investing offers a unique approach to beginner investing. The app allows users to select different ‘baskets’ of stocks and monitor their performance.Baskets can be grouped together according to the user’s specific interests, so users can diversify their investments more efficiently. In addition, the app provides plenty of resources for novice investors, including articles and videos.


Stockpile is an online brokerage suited to younger investors. The app allows users to buy and sell single stocks, bonds and ETFs. What makes Stockpile unique is that it allows users to trade fractional shares and set up recurring investments. This makes investing simpler and easier to control. The app also offers educational resources and tips.

Typically Asked Questions:

  • Is it safe to use investment apps? Yes, investment apps are generally safe to use, although you should ensure that you are downloading from a reputable source.
  • What fees do I need to pay for investment apps? That will depend on the app you are using and the services you are requiring. Some apps offer free services, while others may charge a fee for specific services.
  • Do investment apps require me to have experience? No, investment apps are designed for people of all levels, from those who are just getting started to those who have years of experience.


Investing can be daunting for novice investors, where navigating the stock markets can be overwhelming and intimidating. With the right app, however, it doesn’t need to be. AccuFinance, Motif Investing, and Stockpile are some of the top investment apps for beginners in 2023. Each of these apps provide tailored advice, low-cost access to stocks and bonds, and plenty of educational resources. Investing with any of these apps is an excellent way to start your investment journey.