Best Tools for Remote Work

Best Tools for Remote Work

Businesses are now required to accept remote working as the new standard due to COVID-19, which has permanently changed how we live, work, and communicate. Working remotely is not tricky, but it is not easy either. All sizes of businesses need to develop distributed teamwork skills and find the tools that fit their workflows and processes the best.

So what do you need to work from home successfully?

1 Planner for Productivity

One of the most challenging tasks for many digital nomads is continuing to be productive in a setting with many distractions. Using this productivity planner will help you stay on course. You can create weekly objectives, monitor your development, and evaluate your productivity. The planner’s inspirational messages help you stay motivated. An excellent tool that every digital nomad ought to utilize.

2 VPN service provider

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You will need to use a variety of internet networks when working remotely and traveling the world, which poses a severe risk to the security of your data. As a result, a VPN should always be used anytime you connect to the internet.

There are numerous service providers from which to pick. I have used NordVPN for a while now and am extremely happy with their service.

3 Trello

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A standard tool among entrepreneurs is Trello. It is a flexible project management application with a user-friendly interface based on the Kanban system.

Additionally, it makes it simple for managers to design cards and lead workers through a flexible, lean process.

Trello’s success is due to its visual list generation tool, which makes it easy and visible to monitor project progress.

4 Zoom

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Zoom is a simple video conferencing solution that works with Google Calendar right out of the box.

Zoom has texting options, but its most prominent feature is its crystal-clear video calling.

The free plan includes 40 minutes for conferences. Additionally, you receive a lot more with a pro package, such as webinar hosting tools that can significantly aid your online marketing initiatives.

5 Jira 

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Jira, a product of Atlassian, is comparable to Trello but focuses solely on software development.

Because it facilitates test case management and agile software development, Jira is a fantastic solution for high-performance teams.

Jira connects with other Atlassian products like BitBucket and Confluence to speed up development. Jira is a part of the Atlassian ecosystem.