FinTech Companies to Invest in

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Due to advances in mobile technology, the fintech industry are developed dramatically in the past decades. Banking and financial options advance rapidly; there was a time when mobile banking was a rare opportunity, but now we’re m aster secure bank under the circumstance that no this feature.

Banks aren’t exception. There are entire markets that driven by technology and in digital financial access, such as mobile stock services, e-commerce payment platforms, and so on. To be familiar with the current situation of this circle, check out these fintech companies and startups.

TALA (Santa-Monica, USA)

Industry: Credit, Software, Data

Tala gives people from underserved countries access to credit. Their clients are from the Philippines, Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries. The company uses its app to employ alternative data to underwrite their users without a traditional credit history.



Industry: Venture Capitalism, Software, Investments

PitchBook is a company that develops financial software and researches equity market. The platform enables investors as well as companies and(boundary) advisors to make money new business opportunity by providing them with the results of research on private market (boundary), source investments, and fundraising information.

AVANT (Chicago, USA)

Industry: Lending

Avant is a loan service made for middle-income consumers; it offers loans from $2,000 to $35,000. The service acts as a resource for clients to access funds for paying unexpected bills and similar situations when the money is needed fast. Customers fill in a simple application, and it only needs one day for approval.



Industry: Payments

Braintree is a division of PayPal. It provides businesses with payment services. The payment types it accepts vary from credit cards to Venmo. Braintree products are for the companies operating online; they help to prevent fraud and safeguard user information.

ONDECK (New York, USA)

Industry: Lending

OnDeck is a service that offers loans exclusively to small businesses. Clients can fill in an application for loans and credit lines online; they also can receive funding very fast (often within a day).



Industry: Fintech

Forward Financing also deals with small businesses; they provide working capital to small companies in the US, the company allows customers to access to financing the very same day. Forward Financing has provided more than $500 million to American businesses.



Industry: Software

Enfusion helps different businesses with compliance, trading, risk management, and so on using a completely integrated investment management platform. They aim at enhancing the businesses of their clients’ efficiency by giving them all the necessary information.


Industry: Investment, Research

Morningstar provides a range of products and services for everyday investors to access professional research and information for making better investment decisions.

VERIFI (Los Angeles, USA)


Industry: Software, Payments

Verifi develops solutions for payment protection and risk management for a number of companies in multiple industries. Their platform allows cardholders, issuers, and merchants to access real-time data for quicker resolutions. What is more, the company helps its clients stop chargebacks, as well as process the payments securely.

CIRCLE (Boston, USA)

Industry: Cryptocurrency

Circle is a crypto-financial company that prioritizes the security of transactions. The company’s products, for example, various coins that help customers to transfer money worldwide make it easier for customers to invest in new currencies.

OPTIVER (Amsterdam, the Netherlands & Chicago, USA)


Industry: Investment

Optiver’s headquarter is in Amsterdam, but the company has a large presence in Chicago. This is a trading firm which specializes in “market-making”. Optiver facilitates the buying and selling of stocks, futures, bonds, etc., and also builds markets and allows for extra liquidity to the trade all over the world.

TRANSFERWISE (New York, USA & London, UK)

Industry: Currency Exchange, Software

TransferWise uses its pla
tform to move money between the users across the globe without any unnecessary fees. Not only individuals can use TransferWise – the company works with some companies to invoice vendors.

SUPLARI (Seattle, USA)


Industry: Financial Management, Machine Learning, and Software

Suplari lets its users manage their costs more effectively with the use of machine learning. Finance and operations departments can use the platform to learn more about spending trends, achieve savings goals, and find problem areas in which money is spent inefficiently.


Industry: Mortgage, Lending

Opploans is there to help its customers to get personal loans. It’s very easy to fill in an application, and the process takes just a few minutes. In addition, clients often get lower interest rates. These loans can be used for such purposes as home and car repairs or medical emergencies, and so on.

Exploring FinTech Companies to Invest In

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate and it has changed our lives in more ways than we can count. One of the biggest implications of technology’s advancement is its impact on the financial services industry. “FinTech”, or financial technology, companies have become popular as investors look for the next big opportunity.

FinTech companies specialize in technological solutions to simplify banking and financial transactions. These include companies that use accounting software to automate bookkeeping, financial platforms that allow businesses and consumers to access banking, loan and payment transactions, and companies that use blockchain technology for digital transactions.

Top FinTech Companies to Invest In

  • Square Inc.
  • Betterment LLC
  • Visa Inc.
  • Stripe
  • PayPal Inc.
  • TransferWise Ltd.
  • Klarna Inc.
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
  • Ally Financial Inc.

Investors who are just beginning to look into FinTech companies should do their due diligence. Research is key to choose the right investment for each individual investor.

Frequently Asked Questions About FinTech Companies to Invest In

  • What is FinTech? — FinTech is short for “Financial Technology”. It is the application of technology to improve financial processes such as banking, trading, investment, and money transfers.
  • What are the risks of investing in FinTech companies? — The risk of investing in any company is always present and the same for FinTech companies. There is a risk that the investment may not perform as hoped and may fail to turn a profit.
  • What are the benefits of investing in FinTech companies? — Investing in FinTech companies can be an excellent way to capitalize on existing technology trends as well as benefit from new advances in the field.


FinTech is a rapidly growing sector, with potential investors able to choose from a range of opportunities. As with any investment, due diligence is essential to ensure the best possible outcome. Popular FinTech companies to consider investing in include Square Inc., Betterment LLC, and Visa Inc., among others. With the right research and analysis, investing in FinTech companies can be an excellent way to benefit from new technology and capitalize on existing trends.