How to Earn Money (Easy Guide for Teens)

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To make money, you do not have to be an adult. There are many teen jobs these days! Along with exploring employment opportunities in firms that employ minors, consider starting your own business. Before you start out searching for an important summer lifeguard job or looking to start your own business, do some re-search ahead of time to make sure you find something you enjoy.

1. Babysitting

babysitting is one of the most popular teen jobs. And with good reason: it’s 100% free, and you are helping people in your town. It is the perfect choice for responsible individuals who enjoys spending time with kids. Tell parents of children whether you can help out.

It’s a good idea to obtain a CPR certificate and undergo basic first aid lessons — this will instill confidence in your employers. Enquire at the community centers, hospitals, or Red Cross chapter for such classes. You can attend those at little or no cost.

If you lack expertise in this industry and your new clients are concerned, ask for a trial period during which you play with their children while a parent is at home.

2. Do yardwork

How to Earn Money (Easy Guide for Teens)

Typically, individuals are too busy to care for their yards, but no one wants their homes to seem run down. These individuals are content to delegate this task to another (and pay for it). Typical duties include mowing the yard, raking leaves, and pruning hedges. Consult with relatives and friends first, and then sign throughout the area if required. You may sweep sidewalks and driveways throughout the winter.

3. Perform home duties

How to Earn Money (Easy Guide for Teens)

As a family member, it’s normal for you to chip in with tasks, but you may also ask your parents for more responsibilities around the house for a price. Your parents are undoubtedly overburdened with responsibilities and concerns, which is why they would welcome your assistance. Negotiate your pay; you might ask for half of what a professional cleaner earns. We’d recommend that you base your payment on performance: this motivates you to work more and educates you about work ethic.

4. Help an elderly person

How to Earn Money (Easy Guide for Teens)

Specific older individuals suffer from health problems that prevent them from doing fundamental everyday duties. If you know any senior residents in the area, ask them to assist them with tasks such as grocery shopping or moving furniture. It’s critical to be upfront about money; otherwise, people may believe you’re doing it out of generosity. Your grandparents can assist you in developing a client base (and have the awkward money talk for you).

5. Take dogs for walks

While most individuals like walking their pets, they are frequently busy and exhausted. At the same time, their dogs’ care is paramount, and they have no objection to paying someone to walk their pets. Therefore, if you’re energetic and a dog lover, take advantage of this opportunity to make some money! Becoming a walker is simple now, thanks to the proliferation of job-hunting applications. Wag! and Rover is two examples of such applications, although many more.

6. Volunteer to be a tutor to your classmates

How to Earn Money (Easy Guide for Teens)

This is an excellent option for outstanding kids, but first, check your school’s policy on paid tutoring. Even If you cannot work or advertise on campus, you can work discreetly, for example, at a public library or home.

Alternatively, you may join up for online tutoring services such as WizIQ or Tutor Hub, which connect you with kids in need of tutoring. While some of these services need a high school certificate, others are more accommodating. Never quit up, even if you are not a genius! If you excel at a musical instrument, a sport, or simply a pastime, you may still earn money teaching individual lessons.

7. Advertise

How to Earn Money (Easy Guide for Teens)

Whichever career you choose, it is critical to spread the word to earn money. Consider posting a low-cost advertisement in a newspaper or printing fliers, but the simplest way to promote online. Utilize or your own personal social media account. You’ll be surprised at how many folks you know require assistance. Additionally, if your service gains traction, you may create a different social media account for it.

How to Earn Money (Easy Guide for Teens)

Earning money as a teenager is not impossible. With the right knowledge and a bit of hard work, teens can set themselves up for financial success. This guide will help teens navigate an array of easy ways to make money right away.

1. Start freelance gigs/gig economy

Freelancing is on the rise and teens can join this growing trend, too! Teens can get creative and find gigs in t-shirt or logo design, developing websites, marketing, or whatever interests and skills they possess. Websites like Fiverr, have services starting at $5. Take the time to set up a profile and list what you do.

2. Babysitting/ Pet Sitting/ House Sitting

If you don’t mind spending time with kids, pets, or simply maintaining a house, this is an easy way for teens to make money. Notify everyone you know about your services and advertise online in case a family needs you.

3. Take surveys

Companies and organizations pay for consumer responses! Sites like survey junkie, pay teens for their opinion. Sure, the payments for survey responses won’t be mind-blowing, but if you choose wisely, payments could add up quick.

4. Sell items online

If you have items you no longer need, selling them online is a great way to make quick cash. Services such as eBay, have features designed to help inexperienced sellers, with helpful notifications and security features.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Earn Money (Easy Guide for Teens):

1. What are the easiest ways to make money as a teen?

The easiest ways to make money as a teen include freelance gigs, babysitting or pet sitting, taking surveys, and selling items online.

2. Are there any risk-free ways to make money as a teen?

Unfortunately, there are no risk-free ways to make money as a teen. However, there are ways teens can safely generate income without putting their personal information at risk.

3. Is it possible for teens to make money without a job?

Yes! There are plenty of ways to make money without a job. Some of these include freelancing gigs, taking surveys, selling items online, and more.


The digital age has opened up an array of real ways to make money. As a teen, understanding how to make money through freelancing, surveys, and online selling is a great starting point. Knowing how to make money safely is key, but with this guide, teens can make money the smart and easy way.