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Meta Is Experimenting With New Tools to Allow Horizon World’s Creators to Make Money


Meta Platforms, which owns Facebook, is working on new features that will allow artists to make money by selling digital assets and experiences on Horizon Worlds, their virtual reality (VR) platform.

The company’s immersive platform


, which can be accessed via VR headsets, is a critical component of Meta’s objective of creating a Metaverse. In this virtual world, people can communicate, work, and play.

Monetization opportunities will initially be available to a small number of users who create virtual lectures, games, and fashion items on the site, the company said.

Bonus Program for Creators

Meta Is Experimenting With New Tools to Allow Horizon World's Creators to Make Money

In addition, social media is testing a “Creator Bonus” scheme for a select group of Horizon Worlds members in the United States. It will pay members for using the company’s new services every month.

These incentives form monthly goal programs where authors are paid based on goal achievement at the end of the month. Author bonuses are commission-free and are distributed entirely among the authors. For now, in this limited test, designers are rewarded for designing environments that attract the most spectacular time. However, these goals may change over time, e.g., B. to encourage authors to use new tools or features introduced by Meta.

“We want a lot more great worlds. There need to be a lot more developers who can support themselves and make it their career,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during an interaction with Avatars among early adopters.

Sale of Virtual Objects and Effects

Meta Is Experimenting With New Tools to Allow Horizon World's Creators to Make Money

Meta is running a pilot program with select producers to allow them to sell virtual objects and effects in their worlds. For example, someone could design and sell add-ons for the fashion industry or offer paid access to a new area of ​​the world.

In the United States and Canada, where the game is currently available, anybody over 18 can purchase Horizon Worlds. Crafters who sell their things will notice a trade tab and a gadget in crafting mode that they may utilize to manufacture appropriate items.

Putting a Lot of Money on The Metaverse

Meta Is Experimenting With New Tools to Allow Horizon World's Creators to Make Money

The parent corporation of Facebook, Meta, has invested substantially in virtual and augmented reality to represent its new bet on the metaverse – a future vision of a network of virtual settings accessed via multiple devices where people may work, socialize, and play.

The corporation competes with emerging virtual world players in which land, buildings, avatars, and even names may be purchased and sold as non-fungible tokens or blockchain-based virtual assets.

Last year, the market for these assets boomed, with sales reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Horizon Worlds, a massive VR social network, and Horizon Venues, a virtual event platform, are early incarnations of metaverse-like places.

Meta Is Experimenting With New Tools to Allow Horizon World’s Creators to Make Money


Meta is a creative platform that uses cutting-edge technology to allow world creators to make a living from their creations. The platform is currently experimenting with new tools that will give creators the opportunity to monetize their Horizon World creations. Meta is making this move to afford innovators and content creators the utmost freedom to exercise their creative expression and expertise.

What are the new tools?

The new tools Meta is experimenting with allow creators to generate passive income from their creations. This is done by allowing creators to sell access to their world environments for a fee. This means that the more people rent or purchase access to the worlds, the more money the creators could make. Additionally, creators can earn by producing content within the platform, such as creating graphics and animations, engaging with other creatives, and receiving income from other Meta users.

Who is it for?

The new tools are aiming to help creators who are looking to make money from their Horizon World creations. This could include individual creators, smaller development teams, or larger studios and gaming companies. Meta is looking to expand the possibilities of making money via the platform, and the new tools are just the first step towards that.


The benefit of the new tools is that it will allow creative minds to monetize their creations, which could enable a steady stream of income. Additionally, the platform offers a large potential customer base, and a number of built-in tools to help creators in understanding the market trends. In short, the platform is providing creators with the opportunity to turn their passion into something profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Meta? – Meta is a platform that allows creators to monetize their Horizons World creations.
  • Who can use the new tools? – The new tools are for individual creators, development teams, and companies who are looking to make money from their creations.
  • What are the benefits of using Meta? – The benefits are that it provides creators with a large potential customer base, and tools to help in understanding the market trends.


Meta’s new tools are a great way for Horizon World creators to make money. The platform allows creators to build passive income streams by selling access to their creative worlds and producing content within the platform. The benefit of the new tools is that it offers potential customers, a large customer base, and analytic tools to understand and analyze market trends.