Peacock Showing Feathers

athres in a peacock’s tail can vary depending on the species. The Indian Blue Peafowl, for example, can have up to one hundred feathers in its tail.

Peacock Showing Feathers

Peacocks are some of the most beautiful birds in the world. Their feathers, with their bright blue and green colors, and their intricate patterns, make them a sight to behold. But why do peacocks show their feathers?

Why do Peacocks Show their Feathers?

The primary purpose of a peacock’s show feathers is to attract a mate. Female peahens prefer males with more color and longer tail feathers. Therefore, the peacock will display its feathers to catch their attention. This display is known as a courtship dance or “strutting”.

How Do Peacocks Show their Feathers?

When showing off their feathers, the peacock will stand still and raise its tail feathers. Generally, the feathers themselves will be spread opened in full view. They can fan out in a semi-circle or create an impressive fan shape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peacock Showing Feathers

    Q: Do peacocks fan their feathers when they are fighting?

    A:No. Peacocks will only fan out and spread their feathers when they are courting or trying to attract a mate. They will not spread their feathers when fighting.

    Q: What colors do peacock feathers have?

    A:The colors of peacock feathers vary widely, but generally have vibrant blues and greens. There may also be brown or black colors between the feathers, often arranged in intricate patterns.

    Q: How long do peacocks’ feathers typically get?

    A: Peacocks usually have feathers up to two feet in length.


Peacocks show their feathers as a way to attract a mate. This is done by standing still and raising their tails to fan out their feathers in full view. Peacocks usually have colors of vibrant blues and greens, and can have feathers up to two feet in length. When trying to attract a mate, peacocks will display their feathers as part of a courtship dance.detail photograph


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