Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

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The first step in developing a decent CV is to determine your objective. It would help if you tailored your CV to the job in mind. A well-written CV will get you an interview quickly. Still, a poorly written CV may result in you not receiving a rejection but never hearing anything about the position again.

So, in 2023, you should do a few things to maximize your CV and show prospective employers why you are the only contender for the job.

This article will provide you with our best tips on how to write a good CV that gets noticed.

1. Make a solid start

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Start with a summary of your best skills and accomplishments. This will grab and hold the recruiter’s attention right away. This personal biography is an essential part of your CV because it tells the recruiter about you and makes an excellent first impression.

Here is a good example:

“I am a passionate, hardworking, and dedicated professional who has built websites and databases in the past. I have strong technical skills and am good at getting along with others. I’m glad I’ll be pushed to improve and add to the skills I’ve learned in the IT business.”

2. Simple to read

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

This CV included a lot of white space and was two pages long, which is normal if you have more than eight years of experience.

Everything was neatly structured:

The line spacing was correct.The corporate names were bold.The titles were italicized.The job specifics were sorted in bullet points.

And there isn’t a single typo to be discovered.

3. Prioritize outcomes over obligations

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Instead of just listing your past jobs, make your CV stand out by focusing on your results and giving numbers to show what you’ve accomplished. Instead of saying, “I helped increase Company X’s social media engagement,” write, “I increased Company X’s social media engagement by 38%.”

4. Demonstrate industry knowledge

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Knowing about the field for which you are applying will show the hiring manager that you can keep up with trends. Employers will be much more interested in you if you can show that you know a lot about the field, so keep up with news and changes in the area.

This will also help you if you are called in for an interview.

5. Check for spelling errors three times

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Minor grammatical errors indicate a lack of attention to detail and may exclude you from consideration; remove them from your CV.

Request that friends and relatives check your CV; a new set of eyes will be more efficient at finding errors that you’ve been looking at for days.

6. Emphasize changes and growth

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Your CV should emphasize your progress. Show how you have developed and evolved in your jobs and your accomplishments. This will demonstrate to the recruiter that you have gained much from your previous work and are dedicated to learning and developing your skill set.

[19659028]7. Keep your work history in the present tense.[19659029]8. Focus on general skills[19659030]Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out[19659031]There is no need to include every skill you have ever had in your CV. Instead, choose three to four general abilities that you want to emphasize.[19659032]Excellent example:[19659033]“My leadership and customer service skills were[19659034]9. Make use of your hobbies
Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out[19459035]Writing about your hobbies will help you show the interviewer who you are and what you are passionate about.[19659036]For instance, if you include travel as a hobby, this implies that you have an active lifestyle and are able to adapt to new cultures and situations.[19659037]10. Keep it short and sweet[19659038]Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out[19659039]Keep your CV brief and to the point. The average recruitment specialist spends less than 30 seconds reading a CV the first time.[19659040]So, to make sure he’s interested, you’ll need to make an impact as quickly as possible – otherwise, you run the risk of it being tossed in the trash pile![19659041]11. Include key Industry Terms[19659042]Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out[19659043]Try to use keywords found in the job posting whenever possible, ensuring that your CV reflects the description of the ideal employee.[19659044]You should do some homework and find out what terms are normally used to describe occupations like yours in your industry.[19659045]12. Create more impact with numbers[19659046]Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out[19659047]Whenever possible, include exact figures. Since they have less verbose descriptions, they can have a greater impact than the toughest adjectives.[19659048]They create vivid images because of how transparent they are. It’s a simple way to measure how much of an effect you’ve had on a previous task.

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Your CV is your opportunity to showcase yourself to potential employers and make sure you get the job. To ensure your CV stands out from the competition, there are various practical techniques you can take to improve it.

1. Make It Readable

  • Keep it concise, only including key information.
  • Use bullets for points.
  • Ensure your layout is clean and tidy.
  • Choose an appropriate font size.
  • Confirm spelling and grammar is correct.

2. Highlight Your Relevant Experience

  • Make relevant information easy to see.
  • Use keywords directly from the job description.
  • Describe your recent experiences.
  • Highlight any relevant qualifications or skills.
  • Add extra information such as hobbies.

3. Tailor to Suit a Particular Job

  • Update information when taking on new roles.
  • Focus on relatable skills.
  • Reorder information to prioritise relevant experience.
  • Include information related to the new role.
  • Adapt the content to demonstrate why you should be selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the practical techniques for making a CV stand out?
  • The main techniques for making your CV stand out are making it readable, highlighting your relevant experience, and tailoring it to suit a particular job.
  • How can I tailor my CV to a particular job?
  • To tailor your CV to a particular job, reorder information to prioritise relevant experience, include information related to the role, update information when taking on new roles, and adapt the content to demonstrate why you should be selected.


Your CV is an important tool to help you secure the job you desire. To give it the best chance of success, there are certain practical techniques you can use. These include making it readable, highlighting relevant experience, and tailoring it to suit the particular job you are applying for. With the right approach and the right techniques, your CV can stand out and make a great impression.Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

What advice can be followed to make a resume stand out?

1. Write a strong, compelling summary statement.

2. Use action verbs and accomplishments to strengthen your descriptions.

3. Tailor your resume to relevant keywords from the job posting.

4. Use highlights to emphasize standout qualifications.

5. Include skills that are related to the job.

6. Choose the right format and layout.

7. Use specific numbers and metrics in your descriptions.

8. Proofread and edit your resume for errors.

9. Use a creative and professional design.

10. Keep your resume to one page.