Quarantine Guide 2023: 4 Great Ways To Make Money Remotely

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The coronavirus pandemic has made people self-isolate and work from home. Plus, there are lots of people who lost their job, both categories of people are now trying to find out new methods to earn money from home, which has already become the standard. Therefore, industry experts believe that it’s the ideal time to enter this gig economy.

Before you’ll be able to start working online, prepare a decent workspace in your home to be effective. Choose a corner where you can focus on the work without being distracted by anything or anyone. Make sure that the furniture is convenient for long hours of work. It’s also important to keep your work area clutter-free – this will give you more mental space for work.

Now you can explore various ways to earn money online. First, you should decide if you want a part-time or full-time job. You don’t necessarily have to quit your office job. Instead, can work part-time online to make some extra money.

And if you want to work full-time as a freelancer, focus the search around your primary skill or specialization. In case you have experience in working in a specific field, it will surely help you find a lucrative job.

For example, if you are an artistic person, join Designhill, or UpWork for creating all sorts of projects. Options are endless; just decide what you can do best.

Here are other ways to earn money from home:

1. Sell Merch


Selling merchandise online is one of the best online jobs for freelancers. Right now the most selling items are clothing products like T-shirts and hoodies. It’s a chance for you to use your creativity and design ideas, and make some money along the way.

Besides clothing, you can also try selling other things. For example, phone cases, mugs, hats, etc.

To start selling merch, you’ll need to open an online store. There are different platforms that enable you to open a store for free with a good profit margin. So, you get to set the price and profit margin to control the earnings.

2. Start a YouTube channel


YouTube is a great resource to work from home. Millions of people watch videos on this platform not only for entertainment, but in order to learn something new from experts, and these experts make money off of the ad revenue and sponsorships. To earn money this way, you’ll have to first develop your channel for it to gather a good amount of viewers and subscribers.

You can also earn money by promoting the products or services you sell on your own channel.

3. Graphic Design


If you’re a graphic designer, you do not need to depend on a regular job in an office and suffer from COVID-19 stress. There are limitless opportunities for designers when it comes to working from home.

For example, graphic designers usually have lots of unused files. They contain those designs that weren’t approved. You can sell unused logos, icons, and other designs.

Another way for designers to make money is to win in design contests. Such contests hold prize money for the best designers as well as the opportunity to score a good long-term contract.

Finally, you can share your skills and knowledge with others and be paid to teach on different online platforms.

4. Create a blog


If you can write well on the hot issues that are interesting to people, start a blog, which is completely free. But if your blog grows and more and more people are reading it, it will bring you money.

So, for example, if you’re going to write on issues related to, let’s say, graphic design, it’ll bring you closer to the design community. Your colleagues might start to advise their clients to consider using your design services, which will also bring you more money.

In order to increase traffic, you can promote your blog on social media. When the blog has a good number of followers, sell banner advertising space to earn extra money when the readers click on the ads on your site.


Coronavirus has become the reason for a big crisis. It forced people to sit at home and caused some of them to lose their jobs. However, like other crises, it is a possibility to try something new, in this case, it might be working from home. Who knows, maybe it’ll become the new trend, and in the future working in an office will be strange while freelancing from home will be the new norm. Anyway, the things we’ve mentioned in this article are definitely worth trying out!

Quarantine Guide 2023: 4 Great Ways To Make Money Remotely

More and more people are finding themselves relying on online jobs to support themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. With this in mind, this quarantine guide provides four great ways to make money remotely in 2023.

1. Freelancing and Contract Work

Freelancing and contract work is a great way to make money while working remotely. You can post your skills and credentials online, design a portfolio website, and start building a steady stream of work. There are countless freelance job platforms that offer a variety of remote jobs such as designing, web development, editing, and more.

2. Teach Online Courses

Teaching online courses has become an incredibly popular way to make money remotely. Take advantage of the many websites like Udemy, Skillshare, and Teach Away, if you have the expertise and knowledge to create helpful and engaging courses. The best part about teaching online courses is that it’s very flexible and you can work from anywhere.

3. Virtual Assistancy

Becoming a virtual assistant is yet another great way to make money remotely. There are a number of websites such as Upwork and VirtualStaffFinder that offer virtual assistant services. These websites provide a great opportunity for anyone hoping to make some extra money.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money without having to create a product or service. You can become an affiliate affiliate for a company or product and earn a commission for every sale you make. This is a great way to make passive income while working remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quarantine Guide 2023: 4 Great Ways To Make Money Remotely

Q: What are the benefits of working remotely?

A: Working remotely offers several benefits such as increased flexibility in terms of hours and working environment, more focus, and greater convenience. Additionally, working remotely can reduce workplace stress and help you better balance all aspects of life.

Q: How much money can I make as a remote worker?

A: How much money you can make as a remote worker will depend on the job and the skill level. Generally, experienced remote workers can earn a sizable income.

Q: What are some of the most common types of remote jobs?

A: Some of the most common types of remote jobs include freelance writing, virtual assistant jobs, web design, online teaching, and online business development.

Q: Do I need any special skills to start remote work?

A: Yes, you will need to possess a certain set of skills depending on the type of job you are looking for. However, many jobs only require basic computer and internet skills.


Making money remotely has become increasingly popular. This guide provides four great ways to make money remotely in 2023, including freelancing and contract work, teaching online courses, virtual assistancy and affiliate marketing. These methods offer various advantages and are suitable for anyone looking to make money remotely.