Rental Property Insurance Ontario

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Is landlord insurance mandatory in Ontario?

Technically, rental property insurance is NOT mandatory in Ontario. However, many landlords do require that all renters have tenant insurance. Introducing Rental Property Insurance Ontario

In Ontario, rental property insurance is an essential component of any successful landlord-tenant relationship. This type of coverage helps protect the landlord’s property, as well as provide liability protection in the event of any claims made by tenants.

What is Rental Property Insurance?

Rental property insurance is designed to cover the physical property being rented out, as well as provide financial coverage should a tenant make a claim against the owner. This type of coverage typically includes protection from losses including fire, smoke damage, theft, and more. Typically, it also includes liability coverage in the event of someone getting injured in the property, a tenant making a claim due to property damage, or a tenant’s belongings getting damaged.

Why is Rental Property Insurance Necessary?

Rental property insurance is necessary for landlords to protect their investment and maintain peace of mind. Some home insurance policies may offer a form of rental property insurance, but since tenant-landlord relationships can be unpredictable, it is important to have a comprehensive policy in place.

Frequently asked Questions about Rental Property Insurance Ontario

What type of coverage should I have with my rental property?

There are many different types of coverage available for landlords, including fire, smoke damage, theft, liability, and more. Speak with a professional to help determine the type and amount of coverage your rental property should have.

Do I need rental property insurance if my rental property is furnished?

Yes, rental property insurance is important for any rental property, whether it is furnished or not. Unfurnished properties could be liable for damages caused by tenants and their guests, while furnished properties need to be safeguarded against any potential damage or theft.

Does Rental Property Insurance Include Coverage For Displaced Tenants?

Most rental property insurance policies will provide some coverage in the event of displaced tenants, although the amount and type of coverage varies depending on the policy. Speak with a professional to help understand what type of coverage is included.


Rental property insurance is essential for any Ontario landlord. This type of insurance is designed to provide financial coverage for damages and liabilities related to tenants, their guests, and their property. Landlords should speak with a professional to help determine the type and amount of rental property insurance needed. By having adequate rental property insurance in place, landlords can protect their investment and have peace of mind.