Scholarships For Women

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Why Should Women Apply for Scholarships?

Attending college is often a costly endeavor, and women can find themselves needing an extra leg up to afford tuition and other fees. Women of all ages can benefit from the monetary resources made available in the form of scholarships and grants. In fact, there are many dedicated scholarships for women and girls awarded every year. These may be based on ethnicity, merit, field of study, geographic location and more. Scholarships and grants can help women of any age—from high schoolers and college students to adult learners—to achieve their academic dreams.

Types of Scholarships

There are a variety of scholarship opportunities available depending on the student’s background and desired area of study. These can include the following:

  • Geographical scholarships: Many schools provide scholarships for students who come from a certain area, such as rural or inner-city areas.
  • Merit-based scholarships: Scholarships are given to recognize prior academic successes, leadership and extracurricular activities.
  • Career-based scholarships: Students majoring in a certain career field may have specific scholarship opportunities available.
  • Legacy-based scholarships: Legacy scholarships are available to students whose parent, grandparent or other relative is a graduate of the college.
  • Ethnic-specific scholarships: Many universities and businesses provide scholarships tailored to a specific racial or ethnic group.

Scholarship Opportunities for Women

Although there are several gender-neutral scholarships, universities, organizations and businesses provide gender-specific scholarships that are only available to female applicants. These come in many forms and focus on a variety of topics related to encouraging women to pursue certain areas of study, careers or lifestyle goals. Some examples include:

  • Women in STEM scholarships: Scholarships that empower women in science, technology, engineering, and math-related studies.
  • Educational scholarships for single mothers: Scholarships intended to help single mothers afford the cost of higher education.
  • Health-related scholarships: These scholarships are aimed at women who plan to pursue some area of healthcare-related study.
  • Business and entrepreneurship scholarships: Awards for women interested in developing business management and leadership skills.
  • Minority women scholarships: Scholarships created to increase cultural diversity among college students.

Additional Resources

Scholarships that are specifically designed for women are becoming more and more accessible. There are plenty of options available depending on needs and qualifications. In many cases, students can look at their current schools or local organizations to acquire more information regarding the qualifications, requirements and deadlines of their desired award. Additionally, websites such as provide access to hundreds of scholarships, making it easy to sort through different offers and apply on one’s own time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships for Women

  • What types of scholarships are available for female students?

    There are a variety of scholarships available for female students such as geographic, merit-based, career-based, legacy-based and ethnic-specific scholarships. Many universities, organizations, and businesses also provide gender-specific scholarships that can focus on a variety of topics such as STEM, entrepreneurial studies, healthcare, and cultural diversity.

  • How can I find scholarships meant for women?

    Scholarships tailored to female students are becoming more and more accessible. Students can start their search at their current school’s website or look for local organizations for more information about available scholarships. Additionally, websites like ScholarshipOwl make it easy to search through and apply for scholarships.

  • Are there scholarships for adult women?

    Yes, there are scholarships for adult women as well. These can be based on merit, career focuses, area of study, or need. It is also important to note that scholarships can also be reserved for specific age groups, so adult women should make sure to look for those scholarships when searching.

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