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Q: How can I use the content from Shutterstock Editorial?

A: Shutterstock Editorial’s content can be used for any editorial or commercial purpose. This includes blogs, news articles, brochures, advertising, and marketing campaigns.

Q: What are the ways I can use content from Shutterstock Editorial?

A: You can use Shutterstock Editorial’s content for editorial or commercial purposes such as blogs, news articles, brochures, and marketing campaigns. Additionally, you can share the content on social media, embed it in videos, and use it to create presentations.
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What does editorial mean in stock images?

A photo under editorial license will be highlighted as such by the stock agency, as it means the image may show a brand, a trademarked logo or product, a public personality, or recognizable people, without a signed release or with limited releases. Introduction:

Shutterstock Editorial is a website dedicated to providing high-quality, expertly edited imagery, editorial content and social media visuals. They offer a wide range of photos, illustrations, video clips, and videos that are perfect for both commercial and editorial purposes. With their extensive library, photographers have access to millions of photographs ranging from current affairs and breaking news to historic archival images and much more.

What is Shutterstock Editorial?

Shutterstock Editorial is a website that offers an extensive library of photographs and videos, both commercial and editorial. The library is updated on a regular basis with stunning images and videos that are perfect for commercial and editorial use. All content on Shutterstock Editorial is checked for accuracy and quality before being uploaded, which ensures that all imagery is of high quality and is free from any copyright issues.

What types of images does Shutterstock Editorial provide?

Shutterstock Editorial provides a wide selection of images. These include:

  • Breaking News and Current Events
  • Archival Photos and Images
  • Lifestyle and Travel Photos
  • Sports and Entertainment Photos and Video
  • Business and Technology Photos and Video
  • Animations and Digital Art
  • Social Media Visuals
  • And More!

Do you need a subscription to use Shutterstock Editorial?

No, you do not need a subscription to access the content on Shutterstock Editorial. However, it is still recommended to purchase a subscription in order to gain access to the highest quality photos, videos, and organized images.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Shutterstock Editorial?

Shutterstock Editorial has very simple and straightforward Terms and Conditions. These include:

  • All content is subject to copyright law.
  • You may not use Shutterstock Editorial content for any offensive or defamatory purpose.
  • You must credit Shutterstock Editorial when using any of their content.
  • You may not use Shutterstock Editorial images or videos to promote any political viewpoint.
  • You may not sell or redistribute Shutterstock Editorial content without permission.


Shutterstock Editorial is a reliable, professional website that provides photographers and content creators with access to millions of royalty-free images, videos, and illustrations. They offer a wide selection of images and videos, from archival photos to current events, all of which are carefully checked for quality and accuracy. No subscription is required for accessing the images and videos, however a subscription offers greater access to the best and most organized content. All Shutterstock Editorial content is subject to copyright law, and must be credited if used.