This Man Works 5 Hours a Week and Earns $160,000 Per Month In Passive Income

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I was a HUGE fan of music when I was younger and wanted to be a full-time musician.
To make my dream come true, I worked as an audio engineer for a big company and started a side business as a music producer for indie artists.

But in 2009, when I was 26, I los
t my job and decided to work only for my production company.

We were still having a hard time making ends meet. I earned between $800 and $1,000 a month.
The amount of money my wife made as a photographer was between $500 and $1,000 a month.
We lived off our savings, food stamps, and money from our jobs. We also had our first child.
There were a lot of financial pressures then.

Soon after, I started a blog called The Recording Revolution to make more money because I didn’t have enough.
I reasoned that having an online presence would help me gain more production clients.

During the Recording Revolution, it made $40,000 a month. People who sign up for my online coaching business, which teaches them how I made The Recording Revolution a big hit, also make $120,000 a month in sales.

My two businesses now only take five hours a week, so I can spend the rest of the time with my family.

How I Turned a Hobby Into a Business That Made Me Money

This Man Works 5 Hours a Week and Earns $160,000 Per Month In Passive Income

As a blog and YouTube channel, I set up Recording Revolution to share my knowledge of music and get more clients for my production company.

I used to post three blogs on my website and one video on YouTube every week. I showed how to record and edit a song step by step and did product reviews and interviews with musicians and producers.

Throughout the month, I earned between $200 and $1,000 by sponsoring videos and earning money from advertisements. I produced a press kit that includes facts about my website traffic and reader demographics to acquire these arrangements. I also forwarded it to them since my target audience would be interested in the products of those businesses. I approached them and offered them positions in my YouTube videos or banner ad spaces on my site.

The Way I Make $160,000 in Passive Income Each Month

This Man Works 5 Hours a Week and Earns $160,000 Per Month In Passive Income

People bought my first online course for $45, which taught them how to use the recording software Pro Tools. I did this in April 2010.

To record my computer screen and my voice as I showed how Pro Tools worked, I used Screenflow, a screen-recording tool.

I developed a rough outline of what elements of the program I wanted to present and in what sequence before I started recording. Then I spent approximately an hour and a half recording and editing the content, which took three to four hours.

People told me that I should start an email list so that I could sell more of my lessons. I gave away a free eBook to get people to sign up. Then, when I sold my first online course, I had about 500 people who had signed up.

Then in 2012, I started to cut back on the amount of work I did for other people. Through The Recording Revolution, I now have a lot of online courses and private online communities that I sell to people who want to learn more about recording. They cost between $67 and $397.

Before September 2019, I made $1 million in sales. It made about $40,000 a month in 2023 when it stopped making content every day.

People learn how to make money from their knowledge and passions the same way I did. I started my second business in 2018. There’s an online school called Automatic Income Academy, a community called Six-Figure Coaching, and a high-level business coaching program called The Epic Mastermind. I’ve earned $120,000 a month in affiliate commissions from a firm called Kajabi in the last six months.

Best Advice For People Who Want to Start a Business

This Man Works 5 Hours a Week and Earns $160,000 Per Month In Passive Income

Starting an online side job and then making it my full-time job changed my life. When I was younger, I wanted to be a musician. Instead, I work with people to help them live better, more profitable, and more flexible lives.

1. You can make money by selling your skills

When you provide a service, there are two primary dials you can turn to increase your revenue: attracting more clients and raising your rates. However, there are only so many hours in the day, and the amount you may charge in your profession is constantly limited.

2. If you want to show people what you do, give them
Elbow grease is still a requirement to build your business, but these three things can cut your workload in half.

a free sample of what you do

One of my main beliefs is that people who help others get better at their work and live better lives. Even if I could charge for them, my whole business is based on giving the best free educational content that you can find out there. Because I want to talk about things that I think others should know, I have a blog, a YouTube channel, and a podcast.

3. Build automated systems

I can prevent burnout and spend more time with my family because I only work five hours a week. You must employ automated systems since this would not be feasible without them.

All but a few of my marketing and follow up emails with clients, for example, are sent out by a computer.

As soon as people find my content, they can sign up for emails that send them unique content. We’ll be in touch soon, and I have dozens of emails. These emails share business advice, tips, and techniques with them. They also tell them which of my products will be specific useful to them.

Achieving The Financial Dream: Earns $160,000 Per Month In Passive Income

Have you ever dreamt of a life where you can work 5 hours a week and earn $160,000 a month in passive income? Well, at first, it may sound like a far-fetched goal, but Jaques Antunes proves that it can become reality.

Who is Jaques Antunes?

Jaques is a widely-known financial guru who has accumulated great personal wealth through his passive income investments. He’s a well-known author and speaker who focuses on helping others achieve financial freedom.

How Jaques Antunes Earns $160,000 Per Month In Passive Income

Jaques Antunes has implemented several passive income strategies to reach his goal of earning $160,000 a month. Here are some of the strategies he uses:

  • Investing in Real Estate: Jaques purchasing residential and commercial real estate properties and rents them out to generate income.
  • Investing in Stocks: Jaques purchases low-cost stocks and holds them long-term to make consistent returns.
  • Investing in Index Funds: Jaques invests money in diversified index funds, which are low-cost investments with minimal risk.
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income: Jaques uses multiple sources, such as dividend stocks, rental properties and selling digital products, to generate passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jaques Antunes’ Strategy

What kind of skills do I need?

Jaques Antunes does not require any special skills to implement his strategies. He does suggest having a basic understanding of the financial markets and being comfortable with taking risks.

Do I need a lot of money to start?

No, you don’t need a lot of money to start. Jaques Antunes has stated that you can start small with as little as $500 and build up over time.

What is the time commitment plan?

The time commitment plan is simple. Jaques states that you can work as little as 5 hours per week, but this doesn’t mean the success will come easy. You must commit to learning and putting the strategies into practice in order to be successful.


It is possible to achieve financial freedom through passive income investing. Jaques Antunes has proven that with the right strategies and a commitment to learning, anyone can establish a passive income stream that will allow them to work 5 hours a week and make $160,000 a month. His advice offers an achievable path to reaching financial goals.