Top 13 Broke Celebrities Who Are Homeless Now

Top 13 Broke Celebrities Who Are Homeless Now: Who are 13 celebrities who are homeless now? & Login login website account?

While many of today’s biggest names are living a comfortable life, some have struggled to achieve their success. While some celebrities are proud to talk about their experiences, others prefer to remain hidden and private.

Now LeakedIIN will list 13 the name of famous celebs who are homeless now!

13. Rocky Lockridge

Former boxing champion Rocky Lockridge is among the celebrities who are homeless now. Sitting on a stoop in Camden, Maryland, the two-time world champion has been struggling on the streets for more than 10 years.

Lockridge has lost more than one tooth and uses a four-prong walking cane. While there, he notices a woman selling drugs in the street.

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He was recently tracked down by his son Ricky, who lives in the Washington, D.C. area near Lamar. Another member of the Lockridge family is his half-brother Ramond Dixon, who was born in Camden, Maryland and lives in the Washington, D.C. area. The two are close. They also have twins. They are looking for ways to help Lockridge.


12. Willie Aames

Last year, Willie Aames found himself in a precarious financial situation. He filed for bankruptcy and had his car repossessed, and was living on unemployment and the occasional day job. Though a born-again Christian, Aames had many demons.

Willie Aames is an American actor, screenwriter, film director, and producer. His career began with guest appearances on popular television shows. His early work included appearances on The Odd Couple and Gunsmoke. He went on to star in Adam-12 and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.

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He later went on to star in Charles in Charge. After the show’s cancellation, he continued acting. After that, he appeared in many films, including the Oscar-winning film The Man Who Swallowed a Millionaire. However, he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and was soon homeless.

11. Brett Butler

The comedian, who is currently homeless, once had a dream of becoming a film star, but his dream was shattered by the foreclosure of his farm. He returned to L.A. with four dogs and three cats, but now only has one left.

He once drove 2,500 miles with a litter box in his truck and now has no place to stay. A friend, Charlie Sheen, stepped in to help Butler through his difficult time.

 homeless celebrities 2022

The actor and comedian struggled with drugs and alcohol during his time on “Grace Under Fire” and was soon forced to live in a shelter. He also reportedly lost millions of dollars from his movie Grace Under Fire.

Another example of a celebrity who was homeless but still rich is Pamela Anderson. She was an “it girl” of the 1990s, gaining fame as Lisa on “Home Improvement” and then becoming an instant beauty icon when she joined Baywatch in 1992.

10. Danny Bonaduce

Despite a successful career in the music industry, the actor and singer is currently on the streets. His first marriage ended in divorce and he was forced to leave Puerto Rico, leaving behind two sons and a foster son.

He then spent years traveling the country trying to find work as a radio DJ, living in his car and getting fired as many as 18 times. “Danny” (real name Dante Daniel Bonaduce) is one of thirteen celebrities who are homeless now.

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The actor and singer was famous for his role on the 1970s sitcom, “The Partridge Family.” He struggled with money and addictions after leaving the show. He eventually began living in a parked car behind the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where he was spotted by people.

However, he quickly became so desperate that he turned to drugs. After recovering from his addictions, he rekindled his career and found work on reality TV.

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9. Houston McTear

The former high school track star Houston McTear has been homeless since falling victim to drug abuse. He once broke a world record by running faster than a fast-moving freight train at speed.

However, after a boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics, his career took a dark turn and he turned to drugs. He lost his home and stayed on Santa Monica’s streets for three years. He was rescued by an older woman, but he never recovered from his addiction.

 ex celebrities on skid row

Once upon a time, these stars carved out a living as athletes, actors, and musicians. Unfortunately, many of them hit rock bottom and ended up on the streets. Now, many of them have turned their lives around, sobering up and getting back to work.

Houston McTear is one of 13 celebrities who are homeless now. While some of these celebrities have stayed clean and sober, others have fallen victim to drug addiction.


8. Iran Barkley

Iranian Barkley, a former world boxing champion, is one of the most famous homeless people in the country. He has struggled with homelessness since leaving the ring, and friends of his have provided him with food, clothing and shelter.

Iran was in the Black Spades gang during his youth and was friends with former heavyweight contender Mitch Green. His sister Yvonne also fought professionally in the late 1970s and trained under legendary boxers Bobby Miles and Connie Bryant.

 celebrities on welfare

Former boxers Iran Barkley and Wilfred Benitez are among the stars who are homeless. They were formerly world champions in their respective weight classes. Barkley held three world championship belts, the middleweight, and super-middleweight.

The former boxer was once worth $5 million, but has lost everything since retirement. He became unemployed and bankrupt, and was unable to pay rent in his Bronx apartment. But after receiving help from Ring 10, the boxers were able to find shelter.

7. “Sugar Ray” Williams

The man named the pseudo-world was former world-class basketball players for once experiencing the living on the street.
After retirement, he made a bankruptcy and his wife took the kids to live with her.
Bfter that he lived in the back seat of his 1992 Buick, working odd jobs to live.

He was helped by Kevin McHale and Larry Bird, who provided financial aid to him. Unfortunately, “Sugar Ray” Williams was diagnosed with cancer and died at age 58.

from rich to homeless

Before becoming homeless, Butler gained fame on the ABC comedy series Grace Under Fire. He later struggled with drug abuse and ended up homeless.

He later reunited with his family and went to rehab. In 2012, he landed a recurring role on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management series. Since then, he has worked in minor roles in different TV shows.

6. Margot Kidder

In August of 2015, Margot Kidder went missing for four days. The actress suffered from a nervous breakdown and feared that her former husband, Thomas McGuane, was trying to kill her.

She left her home, cut her hair with a safety razor, and slept on the street. Neighbors mistook her for a homeless person. She hid her identity and went to visit men who were living in cardboard boxes and smoking crack pipes.

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During the protests, Kidder became increasingly frazzled. She communicated with Hall via handwritten notes. She wanted to hail a taxi, and she asked Hall for a $20 bill.

She believed her first husband was planning his murder. Margot Kidder’s health was declining, and she had cut her hair and pulled out her front teeth in an effort to hide her condition.

5. Alex Lambert

In October, singer Alex Lambert posted a series of Tweets announcing that he was homeless. The news gained national attention, and Lambert’s fans were quick to show their concern and sympathy. However, his situation is far worse than what most of his followers think.

celebrities who went broke and got real jobs

The shy Texan has never been a celebrity before, but is well-known for his singing talent on the American Idol show. His recent loss of his apartment has forced him to seek alternative housing, and he’s been sleeping on the street since his last paycheck.

4. Ted Hawkins

The enigmatic American singer-songwriter is among the 13 celebrities who are homeless now. For most of his life, Hawkins was a largely anonymous street performer. But his popularity grew overseas, especially in Australia and Europe.

 celebrities who lost it all to drugs

His songs were received better in small concert halls and clubs than in mainstream venues. Hawkins came from a modest background and picked up a love for music while growing up in a poor family. But he had a talent that no one could deny.

3. Randy Quaid

Earlier this year, the Washington Post published an article revealing that Randy Quaid is among the 13 most famous homeless people in the world. It outlines his situation and highlights the challenges he’s facing.

Quaid’s life has turned out to be far more complex than anyone originally thought. The actor was formerly homeless but has managed to re-establish himself in Vancouver. His new life is filled with friends and family, but he must rebuild his reputation as an actor and write

 Poorest celebrities

He has appeared in more than 90 films and has received Emmy and Globe applause. Recently he had a difficult situation with bureaucracy.

He allegedly fled his Santa Barbara hotel with a $10,000 balance, and was subsequently arrested. The couple eventually sought refugee status in Canada, but now a judge is reviewing their case to decide whether they can stay in Canada.

2. John Drew Barrymore

Sadly, the world has turned on John Drew Barrymore, one of the most successful film actors of all time. The half-brother of Drew Barrymore, the legendary movie star, is now homeless.

Despite his successful career, Barrymore’s life was far from easy and he fell into a downward spiral. In 2012, he was placed on government welfare and was forced to use his government benefit card to get free food.

 celebrity downfalls

Although he’s no longer in the public eye, he’s still the father of actress Drew Barrymore. Drew and her father had a rocky relationship, and they were even separated after John died of a drug and alcohol overdose.

Nevertheless, they are still connected by the same bloodlines. Drew has a sister, Diana, who was murdered in 2012.

1. Sly Stone

Sly Stone, the frontman of the 1960s rock group Sly and the Family Stone, is one of the thirteen celebrities who are homeless now. The singer-songwriter has been on the streets for several years and says he does not mind his lifestyle.

He has not lost his sense of humor and is still writing music. He has no plans of moving into a stationary home again and prefers to live in a van. The Post’s story about Sly was immediately shot down.

 poorest celebrities 2022

The singer, who suffered from drug addiction, was not only homeless but was banned from collecting his songwriting royalties for decades. After losing all of his money in a lawsuit, a jury ruled that he had stolen the royalties. He has been living in his van for the past three years. Despite being homeless, Sly’s former bandmates are determined to support him.

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Top 13 Broke Celebrities Who Are Homeless Now


Celebrity status once brought with it a promise of riches and fame, but sadly, some of these stars have ended up homeless and broke. No matter how much they made while they were in the spotlight, once the flame of fame burns out, some of these stars are left all alone in the world with nowhere to live. Here are the top 13 broke celebrities who are homeless now.

1. Gary Busey

Gary Busey has been a Hollywood mainstay for years, but he is now an example of what happens when your 15 minutes of fame is over. After a series of legal battles, recovery from drug addiction, and blown paychecks, Busey is now homeless.

2. Daveigh Chase

Daveigh Chase is famous for her role as Samara in the horror movie The Ring, but her career began to suffer after the movie became a box office hit. She is now homeless and living on the streets.

3. Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman starred in countless movies during the 80s, but his career nose-dived in the 90s and he has been homeless ever since. He claims he was harassed on the streets and was once arrested for sleeping in his car.

4. Spencer Rice

Spencer Rice was a successful comedian and actor, who appeared on The Latest Buzz, but his career came to a halt after the show was cancelled. He has since been living on his friend’s couch.

5. Mike Starr

Mike Starr was once the frontman for the iconic 90’s rock band Alice in Chains, but the band’s disbanding left him on the brink of homelessness. He was eventually arrested and charged with drug possession.

6. Michael J. Fox

Michael J.Fox, star of Back to the Future and Family Ties, had to leave his Hollywood home after he lost his fortune in a series of bad business deals. He currently lives in a rented apartment in New York City.

7. Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson, one of the frontmen of the Beach Boys, was on the brink of homelessness after his suicide attempt in 1966. Luckily, he recovered and is still actively performing but he still lives in a modest apartment.

8. Todd Bridges

Todd Bridges, formerly of Diff’rent Strokes, has had a troubled past with drugs and alcohol. These troubles have taken a toll on his career and left him homeless. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

9. Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen, star of the hit movie Red Sonja, had to leave her Hollywood mansion after her ex-husband filed for bankruptcy. She was seen living on the streets of Los Angeles in 2014.

10. Evander Holyfield

Legendary boxer Evander Holyfield was once one of the richest athletes in the world, but with child support payments and an expensive lifestyle he was soon broke. He was found sleeping on couches at friends’ houses and was even seen eating out of trash cans in 2017.

11. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes, star of What I Like About You, had to leave her Hollywood home after she was faced with mounting legal fees and a failed comeback. She claims she is living with her parents now.

12. Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte was an A-list actor in the 80s and 90s, but his career nose-dived after a few drug arrests. He was found sleeping in streets and parks and was eventually arrested for public intoxication in 2011.

13. Larry King

Iconic talk show host Larry King was homeless at one point in his life. After a divorce in 1963, he was forced to live in his car and worked at a drive-in theater to make ends meet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Top 13 Broke Celebrities Who Are Homeless Now

  • Who are the top 13 broke celebrities who are homeless now? – The top 13 broke celebrities who are homeless now are Gary Busey, Daveigh Chase, Corey Feldman, Spencer Rice, Mike Starr, Michael J. Fox, Brian Wilson, Todd Bridges, Brigitte Nielsen, Evander Holyfield, Amanda Bynes, Nick Nolte, and Larry King.
  • Why are these celebrities homeless? – These celebrities are homeless mostly due to blown paychecks, bad business deals, legal battles, failed comebacks, drug addiction, and more.
  • What are some of the troubles these celebrities have faced? – Some of the troubles these celebrities have faced include drug addiction, recovery from drug addiction, public intoxication, legal battles, and harassment on the streets.




Celebrity status once promised riches and fame, but some of these stars ended up homeless and broke. From Gary Busey to Larry King, these are 13 celebs whose 15 minutes of fame were over and they were left with nowhere to live. The main reasons these celebrities were left homeless vary from blown paychecks and bad business deals to drug addiction, legal battles, and more. No matter how much they made while in the spotlight, once the flame of fame burns out, some of these stars have no choice but to hit rock bottom.