Top 6 Ways To Stay At Home And Earn Money

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1 Attempt to pay less for your bills

Top 6 Ways To Stay At Home And Earn Money

While hardly everyone considers it, you may haggle the pricing of almost any service, including the monthly fixed costs. Additionally, saved money is equivalent to earned money.

Among the costs for which you can pay less are the following:

Gym membership costRates and fees for credit cardsFee for cell phonesCable subscription chargeAutomobile insurance

Call and inquire whether these fees might be reduced. It’s that simple.

Pro-tip: memorize two perfect phrases:

“These are trying times.”“Do you believe there is anything you can do?”

Always be courteous. Avoid panicking if something goes wrong. Hang up and return your call later. Most likely, you’ll speak with a different individual who may assist you.

2 Apply the same logic to rent

Top 6 Ways To Stay At Home And Earn Money

Rent is almost certainly your most significant expenditure. Therefore, the savings will quickly accumulate if you reduce it even slightly.

So how are you going to do it?

It would help if you ascertained what your landlord requires.

Several items can be exchanged for a price reduction:

Advance paymentContract a long-term leasePropose expanding the termination notice period from one month to two or three months.If you don’t require a parking place, you can give it up.Promise them things that will save them money once you go, such as not smoking inside the apartment or not having cats (if such things are permitted for you now), and so on.

3 Make an online sale of something

Top 6 Ways To Stay At Home And Earn MoneyAndrey Popov –

If you have a pair of fantastic shoes that you never wear, an old collection of baseball cards, or obsolete equipment, consider selling them on an internet marketplace such as eBay, Craigslist, or others.

4 Salary negotiation

Top 6 Ways To Stay At Home And Earn Money

With only a few talks, you may increase your earnings by thousands of dollars, and the most significant thing is that the profits compound year after year. Thus, a fantastic value all around.

You can read more about that in a separate piece here, but here’s a quick recap:

Determine how much money you should make. To do so, you may visit several websites, such as,, or, to determine the salary range for your position and geographic location.Prepare your supervisor for the conversation by following these steps. Inform your boss that you’d like to speak with them about your wage.Utilize information about your professional accomplishments during talks; also, consider the challenges your tense encounters and how you can resolve them.Ensure that you perform admirably so that you can make a case for the rise.

Such negotiation requires considerable forethought, practice, and a great deal of bravery. However, the value of a single discussion is unquestionably worth the effort.

5 Look for another employment

Top 6 Ways To Stay At Home And Earn Money

If you’re considering changing jobs or industries, you might consult the so-called Bezos Regret Minimization Framework.

It’s pretty straightforward. You must address the issue: which will I regret more in twenty years: remaining unchanged or attempting (and maybe failing) something new?

6 Establish yourself as a freelancer

Top 6 Ways To Stay At Home And Earn Money

Both were obtaining new work, and preparing for a more competitive pay negotiation requires time. However, beginning a side business online is far faster.

Bear in mind that freelancing is a talent that requires development.

To choose whether side hustle is right for you, consider the following:

What activities do I enjoy?How much time do I have available?What do I excel at?How is this beneficial to my prospective clients?

Some individuals lack the time necessary to arrange their closets. Others require a web designer; there are several instances.

Consider the following:

Your abilities (like coding, languages, copywriting, etc.).Your interests, the activities you enjoy doing in your spare time.Following that, what qualifies you as educated enough to get compensated for your work?Perhaps you have a degree in this field or have completed some online courses? That is beneficial, but the most critical thing at this time is to have a strong portfolio displaying your most outstanding work.Finally, begin prospecting for clients.

Become acquainted with your clientele, their requirements, and desires.

You might start by printing business cards or creating a website. But first and foremost, ensure that you understand what consumers desire.

Communicate directly with them. Do not just wait for someone to discover you. Once you’ve identified a possible client, contact them immediately via email.

Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you in increasing your earnings. After all, financial independence is something worth striving for!